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Mayor Jordan will continue crucial partnerships with Fayetteville's small business and innovation community. Our city-community partnerships make Fayetteville among the best places to live in America. The 10-For Fayetteville bond initiatives are currently being rolled out - hundreds of millions of dollars in new projects will sustain the city in coming months. Mayor Jordan will see these projects to completion & everyone will be heard.

Mayor Jordan will continue to champion green infrastructure and green energy. Before & after COVID-19, Fayetteville is a community of naturalists and families who love the outdoors. Expanding our trail infrastructure increased access & led to a healthier city. Responsible resource use decreased Fayetteville's carbon footprint. We are more resilient for these efforts and poised to weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Mayor Jordan will continue to lead Fayetteville by putting public health & safety first. Construction on our new police station and fire houses begins Summer 2020. In recent months, the Mayor made a series of responsible decisions to protect our frontline workers from COVID-19. The city will re-open with the input of public health experts, state leaders, and local leaders in business & education.


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About Mayor Jordan

As Mayor of the City of Fayetteville, Lioneld Jordan brings his passion as a public servant to our city day after day, improving the quality of life and sense of place in our town for all of the people in our community. He is known for his open door, open mind, and open heart, and he applies his core principals of equality, diversity, and inclusion through his every action. Lioneld and his wife Diana, married for more than 40 years, have been working together as partners to nurture their love for this city as it continues to prosper.

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